Strictly for Masala film fans.

There are films that make sense and then there are ones that allow you to sit back and throw logic out of the window. 'Terra Suroor' fortunately or unfortunately falls in the latter category as there sure is an audience for such masala entertainers in many of us who at least once a while would like to see a film leaving the worldly stress out of the theatre.

Singer – Musician – Actor and producer Himesh Reshammiya brings us a follow up to his 2007 release 'AapKaSuroor' and yet again and if it doesn't entertain you, it wouldn't even annoy you. There is something 'Silly' about the movie that you might enjoy. The story revolves around a super hero Raghu (Reshammiya) who wants to get a girl Tara (Karimaee) charged for drug smuggling out of jail. He takes help from a lawyer played by Monica Dogra, an Indian ambassador played by Shekhar Kapur and an iconic jailbreaker played by Naseeruddin Shah.

Now, that plot sure sounds interesting, doesn't it? However, there's not much that the story has to offer when it comes to content. There are too many twists, most predictable and it sure doesn't have much on the acting front.

Reshammiya cant emote and act for sure, however there is a different kind of an appeal to him that has generated him a good fan following. He connects with the masses and his new found physique helps him do that more. Karimaee too is just average, though extremely good looking. Dogra, Kapur and Shah do well in their own might.

Now coming to the good parts. Music just like his other films is soothing and you want to listen to it more and more. Production value has gone up and the film as a whole is styled well. Cinematography is exceptional and makes us want to visit all the places we see on screen. Editing is quite crisp as the film is not even two hours.

A short masala entertainer does't hurt anyone. Go for it, not for the content but just some time pass.

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