Don't think...Just sit back and feel the magic!

"Awww...they look so cute together!" "Oh please, they don't suit each other..." "I just cannot believe she married him..." etc... Etc... More than the discussion about the film, the public was engrossed all these days discussing the Bollywood's lovey-dovey newly-weds- Riteish Deshmukh & Genelia D’Souza (now Deshmukh). This was pretty unfortunate since not many of us showed much interest in their first movie together, post-marriage; but once inside the theatre when you sit relaxed with your coke & popcorns, let go of all the logic and start to enjoy, you will definitely want to tell them- Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya!


Mini is a rich daughter of a rich daddy, Mr. Bhatti, who owns a fleet of rickshaws. Viren is a simple rickshaw driver who works for her dad and earns an honest meal each day. Each of them has dreams to fulfill- Viren wants to start his own Tourist business with cars, Mr. Bhatti wants his daughter to marry a rich, brainless boy and Mini...well Mini wants to simply make everyone dance to her tunes. She comes up with a plan to kidnap herself to be saved from the impending marriage. What ensues is a lot of running, hiding, etc... Poor Viren somehow is forcibly made a part of this entire plan and gets stuck with this madwoman.

Story hereafter seems pretty straightforward since both spend a lot of time together and secretly fall in love with each other (although their falling for each other is no where properly justified). But a twist brings about such changes in the story, that... Well, nothing really; again after the twist the movie becomes predictable. Towards the second half, the movie kind of starts to fall but suddenly again picks up pace. The length of the film is also another is too long. And the Veena Mallik item number is absolutely unnecessary.


But despite its flaws, its predictable nature, lack of logic (doesn't mean it is brainless or is largely unbelievable), the movie is a fun experience. The best part of the movie really is Riteish & Genelia's superb chemistry and their excellent on-screen timing. Both have an acute sense of comedy and have done a really honest job. Genelia though, at times, gets overboard, is still an excellent choice for the Bubbly, mischievous Mini. The rest of the cast although is melodramatic, it is sometimes okay to watch a little bit of drama as it can be seen in everyone's lives at some point or another.


The beautiful locations and the well-shot scenery make the movie look beautiful. Where on one hand Hariyana and Bihar are often shown in a bad light or are shown as poor, cheap places, this movie transforms the image of these places. Another plus point of the movie is its music. Except the Veena Mallik dance number, all other songs are beautiful, especially Piya O Re Piya and Jeene De. Marvelously shot, melodious songs in the backdrop of the couple in love will make you feel as if love is in the air.


Like I said, leave aside logic, sit back and enjoy this chirpy, light, breezy date-movie!


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