Priyan makes a decent attempt at the thriller genre

Coming from the veteran, Priyadarshan, there were already high expectations from multi starrer 'Tezz' that already boasts of some biggest stars of the industry. However the film has fared decently well but is not par expectations. 


The action thriller which was claimed to be made on a high end international scale has a simple story of Asians residing abroad. A team of Asians place a bomb on a high-speed train. The authorities get an anonymous call which informs them of the criminal activity. The troublemakers demand a humongous amount from the authorities and warn that if they try to slow down the train or stop it, thousands of lives will be lost. 


The film has uncanny resemblance with Hollywood hit thriller 'Speed' which had a similar plot. The film has managed to maintain the thrill and anticipation levels throughout. Priyardarshan who is a master of his own craft has helmed the film with a lot of maturity as he has not gone overboard with action. 


However the cinematography covers the flaws in the scenes. The stories are well woven with each other. However still there are quite a few scenes which look unwanted and unwarranted. 


The film has done justice to its title and is fast paced throughout. Nonetheless a little more attention to the story and a tighter script could've made it an exceptional flick. Music in the film, both the songs and the background score is well woven in the film. 


Talking about the performances, Anil and Ajay will leave you stunned with their act. The two stars are just a treat to watch on screen. Anil as a fierce professional and Ajay as a troubled Asian will keep you glued to the seats. Sameera Reddy and Zayed Khan will garner much needed attention from the critics and the audience for their decent performances in the film. Supporting stars Mohanlal and Boman Irani stun you like usual. 


Last but not the least Mallika Sherawat's item number though not needed revives the moments in the film for good not least to say her hot appearance is just worth watch.


Though not exceptional, the film is a seriously commendable attempt at the thriller genre. 

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