A worthwhile watch for Vikram's brilliant performance

The Disney-UTV production 'Thaandavam', directed by Vijay stars Vikram, Anushka Shetty, Amy Jackson, Lakshmi Rai,, Nassar, Santhanam and Jagapathi Babu along with Saranya, Thambi Ramiah, Delhi Ganesh and M.S. Bhaskar. One of the most anticipated movies of the year, does 'Thaandavam' live up to the hype and buzz around it? Let us find out.


The movie starts in London on a violent note on January 1, 2011. Within a few minutes we are transported to the same place, but one year later. Here we meet Kenny (Vikram), a blind man. Pianist in a church in London by day, Kenny is a man on a mission by night! In due course of his mission, he meets Sathyan (Santhanam), a cab driver and Sarah (Amy Jackson), an aspiring beauty queen. Situations and circumstances bring these three in constant contact with Veerakatthi (Nassar), a police officer in London. Also part of all these incidents is a mystery woman (Lakshmi Rai).


'Thaandavam' is Vikram’s movie all the way. He does not have a lot of dialogues, but his eyes and expressions convey all the emotions; as Siva his love for Meenakshi, as Kenny his determination to complete his mission, his love for his country, his loyalty to his friend and more. Anushka as the practical, urban woman is a treat. She is extremely lovable and is very sincere in her performance. Amy Jackson does her part well. Lakshmi Rai may not have too much screen space, but hers is a pivotal part in the narrative. Santhanam delivers the funny lines, along with Thambi Ramiah and M.S. Bhaskar. Nassar as the cop is top notch. Jagapathi Babu underplays his part well. His voice is his asset.


Vijay has presented a story that is well written and does not waver off the narrative meaninglessly. The camera work by Nirav Shah is pleasant during the romantic scenes and hard hitting in the action scenes. Editor Anthony ensures that the pace is not slack and the movie has a good momentum. Mention must be made about G.V. Prakash’s music. The songs are melodious and do not hamper the flow of the movie, especially since they are not too long and work well as a relief rather than a speed breaker to the narrative.


Marks must be given to Vijay for utilising ever character well. The concept of echolocation has been well blended into the story. Daniel Kish, the man behind this theory and Vikram’s teacher during the making of Thaandavam makes a special appearance as himself.


All in all, Thaandavam is definitely a movie to watch. With the right mix of romance, action, comedy, suspense and thrill; this Vijay-Vikram combination is a winner! It will be a ‘Thaandavam’ of success at the box office for this movie.

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