An intense scary horror flick that would revamp your definition of fear. 

Siddharth and Andrea Jeremiah starrer 'The House Next Door' helmed by Milind Rau is an epic spine-chilling horror film that would literally make you close your eyes for a while. This is really rare. Such a cinematic horror genre flick matched with an interesting plot and a visual delight close to snowy mountain location is magnificent, adding those amazing terrifying moments that you won't even imagine in your dream. The plot revolves around a young, happily married Krish a reputed neurosurgeon played by Siddharth and Lakshmi played by Andrea Jeremiah his wife. The isolated couple gets a chance to socialize as the D'Costa family shifts in their neighbourhood. Paul D'Costa played by Atul Kulkarni is a known face with his supporting role but a self-less dad whose daughter is possessed by a spirit.

The level of the cinema is even way better than some of the Hollywood horror flicks. Well, the background score plays a major role as an element to raise the feeling of fear among us. Some of the horror genre films overuse it and try to scare us with it, but this movie has perfection. The loud ascending background score literally scares us like hell. Nothing is over-dramatized. That piano tune will remain in audiences' head. It literally makes us familiar with this demonic story which ahhhhh,, don't worry I would not give away any spoilers.

The exorcism scene just before the interval was one of the best scenes you will ever see in any Indian horror movie. Cinematography by Shreyas Krishna steals the show. Even after being a horror one, the film has some delightful hilly location which is captured beautifully adding some grace and making few of the scenes a visual delight.

Horror is not a consistent genre movie and when you see the box-office record it always has been a disaster, but this one is a cult, gripping and extremely scary. Quite intimate scenes to begin with but a clean flick later on, 'The House Next Door' did justice to the genre and the storyline is its treasure. It keeps you haunted and scared matched up by the sheer brilliance of entire cast that performed their respective role seemingly well, the breathtakingly beautiful location of the Himalayan valley is pleasing to the soul.

If you are a Horror fan, then how can you miss this one hmm?  

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