It's for all the Muppets fans only and yes, don’t forget to take along your babies...

The minute you see them your face lights up with a smile, the moment they start singing you want to sing along and just when they start dancing you are ready to get out of your seats and dance when you notice that your 2 year old kid is already clapping, singing & dancing in the seat next to you... That is what Muppets have been doing to you... That is what James Bobin’s THE MUPPETS does.


The Muppets are back and how! Little Walter has grown up and so has his buddy Gary (Jason Segal). But still the taped shows of the Muppets make their days. Finally Walter (who by the way is also an undiscovered Muppet) gets a chance to visit his favourite Muppets Studio when Gary decides to take him along with Mary (Amy Adams) by his side. The Muppets Studio is in ruins but oil Baron Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) has decided to buy it and turn it into a Muppet museum (or so it seems at first).  Richman wants the property just because there is oil underneath and he wants to become even richer. Walter decides to find Kermit the frog and the entire Muppet team and get them to do another show to raise money. Everyone finally comes together but who wants to watch Muppets anymore says the TV producer but she is wrong. The Muppets are still loved and cherished and people do want to watch them. Will they able to save the studio? Will they unite forever? Will Walter be able to find his true self? Watch it, know it!


Even though such cartoons aren’t made anymore, the movie is the kind which really, really, really small kids will enjoy to the fullest (in my theatre little kids were jumping and singing along with the Muppets and you could see it in their eyes as to how much engrossed they were). The movie will take all the Muppets’ fans, to the good old Muppet Days. Jason Segel & Amy Adams have done a fabulous job; so have the rest of the guests and the voiceover artists. The movie’s concept of being partially animated, partially regular and partially musical gives it a very good feel. It reminds me of the time when there was a narrator in every story. The movie moves from one song into an incident and again to another song, it is like a beautiful Cartoon cum Musical Journey.


Some people might find it boring, but people who have never liked The Muppets shouldn’t even go for the movie. Why waste time on something you know you don’t like?


But for all the mommas of the little babies and all the Muppet fans out there, this movie is for you all. Three Cheers to the original Muppets creator Jim Henson.


So, Enjoy, sing along and if possible, dance along too 'coz The Muppets are here for you!

kingfisher backstage