The Shaukeens Is A Crass Comedy And A Star Struck Tale

It is a risk to tread into the solemn waters. And artists know it too well. However, filmmakers seem to neglect it and the result is a series of jaded remakes! And in this row of lackluster remakes, add another name, The Shaukeens.

Touted to be a remake of Basu Chatterjee’s 1982 release film Shaukeen, The Shaukeens fails to live up to the expectations. Keeping the premise unchanged, the filmmakers take the story to sapphire embellished Mauritius. There are three lecherous men vying for the attention of young ladies. Their chase for beautiful damsels lands them in Mauritius where they meet Ahana. Apparently they rent her house while she is on a road trip. But it gives them utter delight when Ahana’s road trip gets cancelled and she starts spending time with them. Post this begins their competition for Ahana’s attention.

Abhishek Sharma entertained us with his flick like Tere Bin Laden but something goes amiss with The Shaukeens. The film doesn’t have the nuances of the original and neither is it novel. Speaking of humor, it is peppered and a passé. The only reference to the original film is the song, “Jab Bhi Koi Kangana Bole”, which is uttered as a mere hum by Annu Kapoor. Lisa Haydon as Ahana is overtly sensual, silly, unconventional fashion designer (whose designs are recycled from dead animal skin, eyes, nails, etc.) She drools over Akshay Kumar and happens to be a social media junkie. With Ahana’s love for Facebook this film can be called as a social satire on social media. But then it doesn’t even get there to its fullest. Like we mentioned, the film has its moments of laugh but not many. And till the first half you wait for that one punch line or punch sequence to strike you but it never really happens and by the time you realize it, it's interval.

Speaking of the performances, while all are natural with their character, Haydon’s character appears insignificant. She is merely a fawning, adorable, cuddly doll who can go to any extent to meet her crush, Akshay Kumar. What is disappointing is that a talent like Piyush Mishra hasn’t been used in its entirety. He is not only given some sick dialogues but the repartee is also not amusing.

We agree that the film is not a sleaze fest but neither is it a complete entertainer. It is a tasteless cold turkey which has a dash of spice sprinkled on it. It is a crash attempt at comedy. It tends to become melodramatic towards the end. Although the film fails to impress, songs of the film strike a chord with the audience. Out of the album, Manali Trance and Meherbani are enjoyable numbers.

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