A total Paisa Vasool for single screen audience!

Himesh Reshammiya is one of the biggest pop stars India has seen. His song 'Jhalak Dhiklaja' was as popular as the national anthem. 

Himesh carried his superstar image successfully in 'Aap Ka Suroor', his debut movie as an actor. 

However, his transition from a singer to actor later fizzled out as his other movies, 'Karzz' and 'Radio' didn't perform well at the box office. 

In THE XPOSE, Himesh looks in good form and is hoping to make it big along with rap sensation Yo Yo Honey Singh.
The song 'Catch me if you can' gives a great start as it adds to the mystery element, just when you think the ice-cream song is next, there comes a surprise. An actress named Zara (Sonali Raut) falls off a mansion. 

Black ticket seller Alec (Irrfan Khan) narrates the story of Hindi the film Industry in the 60's, when the stars were larger than life and also about the arch rivalry between Zara and Chandni (Zoya Afroz). 

Then enters the biggest star of all, Ravi Kumar (Himesh Reshammiya) who believes attitude is everything and has loads of it and only loves expressing his feelings to his big brother Anna (Adil Hussain). 

Rivalry also exists between filmmakers Subbu (Anantn Mahdevan) and Chaddha (Ashwin Dhar) and it gets further messy when Subbu signs Zara but Chandni bags a Chaddha movie. 

Ravi Kumar falls in love with Chandni while saving her when she is caught in a fire. However, he never expresses his feelings as she is dating another actor Virman Shah (Nakul Vaid). 

The murder gets mysterious as there are Eleven suspects and it becomes a whodunnit case. 

Himesh is not an actor, he is a star and finally he bags a role that fits his profile. His dialogue delivery is outstanding and audiences will blow whistles whenever he says the 'Mutt deta hu' and the shayari

Himesh looks stylish and is also a man of substance; all his fans are in for a treat. 

Honey Singh has great body language as KD; he proves that he can not just make music, but act too. 

Zoya Afroz makes a dream debut. As an actress, she essays the role of 'Cinderella with cigarette' quite well. Zoya has done character roles as a kid and that has helped as she looks confident. 

Sonali Raut looks hot and plays her part to perfection as she displays the grey shades fiercely. Her role may be negative but Sonali manages to leave a positive impact.

Adil Hussain is a seasoned actor who makes an impression despite a brief role. Irrfan Khan is decent. Ananth Mahadevan is awesome, he gets audience applause for the dialogue 'Dance Na expression Na pose just expose'. Ashwin Dhar delivers a brilliant performance. Nakul Vaid makes a sincere attempt.

Ananth Mahadevan finally strikes right with his direction. He recreates the 60's feel and shows the dark side of the Indian film industry. He presents his characters in such a way that he highlights the strengths and hides their weakness; a mark of clever director. 

The Xpose has heavily borrowed from the retro era. The fire scene reminds you of Nargis-Sunil Dutt real life incident and Zara is similar to Zeenat Aman. 

Music of the movie is the forte and Ananth Mahadevan makes full use of it. From the opening credits to closing, you hear great numbers which keep you pepped up. 

Story and Screenplay by Himesh is interesting. Wish he had built more on the suspense element. 

THE XPOSE is a treat for all Himesh fans, made for single screen audiences.

A total Paisa Vasool film!

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