Ruthless, straight on the face, unapologetic is how we would aptly describe debutante director Kanu Behl’s offering to Indian Cinema, a kind of film that you rarely see playing at a cinema near you, not only because its a film that is very raw and real, but because it talks about things that we would never speak about in our everyday conversations. Behl who has earlier assisted Dibakar Banerjee as a co-writer and assistant director in another brutal film ‘Love Sex Aur Dhoka’ shows his immense grip over subjects that would not blink an eye before getting violent.

Titli (Shashank Arora) is the youngest of three brothers born in a faily of car-hijackers. Their livelihood depends on hijacking cars by bashing the drivers/owners up with a hammer. Crime runs in their blood. There is no place of emotions in their world and every step or action they take is decided by how much money they are going to make or lose out of it. Titli wants to break out of this to lead a respectable life. He wants to buy garage space at a mall but does not have the money for it. He will too go to any extent to fulfill his dreams, so much so that he doesn’t mind taking his newly-wed wife to her lover, not because he thinks that’s the right thing to do, but because he is making something out of it.

The other members of the family, his two brothers and father are blood-soaked, brutal and hard core criminals who you would certainly would not want to see around you. Now, coming to the performances, there is absolutely no iota of doubt when we say that it’s the honesty with which all the actors have played their roles that makes the film what it is. Each one of them shines in their part and enact effortlessly, much like they have actually been through few of the situations played in the film in their real lives.

Be it the violent wife-beater Vikram (Ranvir Shorey) or the relatively quiet Baawla (Amit Sial) with Gay inclinations, they do not give you a second to think if they are actors and not real people playing their part. Lalit Behl plays their dad, a personality of his own, who will amaze and shock you with his mannerisms. Shivani Raghuvanshi is so natural, she stuns with her presence.

Just like the actors, the techniques used to shoot the film too are very real. From the camera angles, to absolutely no background score in some shots, ‘Titli’ makes you believe on how true it is.

If you are the Karan Johar, Yash Chopra like goody goody film lover, please avoid this one. But to watch something ruthlessly brutal and true for the criminals underlying the Delhi underbelly, and only if you can watch the violence, do not miss this one.

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