Toonpur fails to impress with its animation...

Toonpur Ka Superhero is the film that takes the viewers to a fantasy world for sure. An exciting start introduces you to a gamut of cartoon characters who largely represent real-life stereotypes but have potential to entertain. Unfortunately, the length of the film is restricted by the attention span of the target audience, clearly under 10. Hence, no justice can be done to any of those characters. So, you are left with a mish-mash of characters that just about stay together as a story.  Toonpur ka Superhero is a story of a father who wants to be a hero for his kids, so what if it is fighting cartoons with the help of cartoons.


Toonpur is the land of cartoons where the Devtoons (good cartoons) and the Toonasurs (bad cartoons) are constantly fighting each other. Filmstar Aditya (Ajay Devgn) is the matinee idol of Devtoons and they wish to seek his help. Devtoons kidnap and bring Aditya to Toonpur and request their screen-god to fight their enemies. But the onscreen action hero Aditya has no heroism off the screen. Sure, there's more to the film than the vamp, the anti-vamp and the wife who's insecure of women in sketch.


While the real world and the cartoon world do not coexist in the film, there are no set boundaries between the two either. Ajay Devgn's relocation from one domain to other is never clearly defined. But then again Devgn's assimilation in the animated arena is so seamless and picture perfect that you don't complain on the missing transit. The live action-animation integration by Kireet Khurana is beautifully done and remains flawless in every frame. What the debutante director has achieved technically is commendable.


The Devgns, who have already produced and acted in films targeted at the younger audiences, have fitted in quite comfortably. Kajol's role might well have been called a guest appearance in a mainstream Bollywood movie, but Ajay Devgn sparkles throughout. The intense actor of Gangajal and Omkara lends himself completely to the differently-demanding role in Toonpur Ka Superhero. Post-interval, the movie loses its focus and direction once too often. The music by Anu Malik hasn't much to write about; the second (and thankfully the last) song only gives viewers an excuse to go to the loo once again. The mumbling voice-over by Sanjay Dutt in the opening scene, introducing the characters of Toonpur, could have been done away with.


There are some very good moments in the movie however; the flaws make this a could-have-been.


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