'Tum Bin II' is strictly a one time watch.

Remaking a film or even making its sequel is a humongous responsibly and grave risk. 'Tum Bin' was a surprise hit of 2001, the reason were its extremely melodious songs and the emotions that flew through the entire narrative. It was a well written and well directed film for that time. It did leave a mark on the audience. The sequel however isn't at par the original, be it with the screenplay or the music. Now that doesn't really mean it's a bad film, well, it's decent and strictly one time watch.

The story is just the same with the girl losing her Fiancé to a tragedy and there comes a second man in her life who helps her get over it. Now the twist in this one is that the first love comes back after being treated in coma for eight months. Now the girl has to choose, or let’s say in this one the guys are so nice that they want the girl to go to the other.

The film is shot pretty well, the actors look good, the music is hummable. Now only if that was enough to make a good film. Apart from it lacking novelty, the film falls completely flat with the unintentionally funny dialogues and the average performances. The climax is stretched beyond pain and due to its clichéd nature can be avoided.

'Tum Bin II' is strictly a one time watch and that too on TV, so we go with two starts for this one.

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