Ungli Is A Social-Drama Sans Entertainment.

In a metropolitan like Mumbai where each day is a chase and each day is a struggle, every petty issue is a cause of concern.  If overlooked it often turns into a murderous situation be it the case of potholes or rash driving or the arrogance of rickshaw-walas. We all are in dire need to resolve these odious issues. However, not a thing seems to deter the government authorities from running their scams and filling their pockets. And it is here that the film Ungli cashes on.

Ungli is not one-of-a-kind film but it is a film that banks on the much raved about issue of corruption. We have seen films prior to Ungli which have spoken about the recent anti-corruption movement started by Anna Hajare. The movement might have died down but the fire still seethes within and thus is born yet another film Ungli. The story of the film depends on the premise of anti-corruption. It revolves around a bunch of friends, who have suffered a terrible fate only cause of corrupt officials and so they gang up to create an anti-corruption team called as Ungli gang.

We do not find anything new in this story except the witty concepts employed by the gang to bring the corrupt officials back to their senses.  This 114 minute film on corruption is sans unnecessary drama-romance or even comedy. It simply sticks to its point. This one is a rare coming from Dharma Production which excels mostly in family drama and romance. This story of rebels shows of smart moves by the gang but up until interval it leaves no impact on the audience. Post interval as the cards start to unfurl, it evokes curiosity and interest but soon fizzles out. We believe that this film about whistleblowers could have gained momentum with a punch of shittimar dialogues.

The film boasts of a brawny crop of actors-Emraan Hashmi, Kangana Ranaut, Randeep Hooda, Sanjay Dutt, Neha Dhupia, Angad Bedi and Neil Bhoopalam- but disappoints as it sheds very little limelight on Kangana Ranaut. While it is not about the performances that is a turn off, ‘cause all the actors fare pretty well on our report card; it is about the story and the direction that has something amiss. We understand that it isn’t a typical Bollywood masala flick but it neither comes across as an absolute social drama. It might not have unnecessary drama but it does have unnecessary song sequences which spoil the fun. The Kurbaan director, Rensil D’Silva, does nothing unique with the script or film’s starcast. At the end of the day the truth prevails over corruption and the film comes to a close. Happy Ending?

In other words, for those of you who want entertainment skip this one and those of you who simply wish to keep your weekends occupied for no reason at all, might watch this one.

In our view it’s better to skip this one!


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