Veedinthe is tightly packaged for the commercial masala audience  

It's true that Vikram can make a movie work with his presence and performance. But how far is the question? Kollywood director Suseenthiran has almost failed in finding the answer, as Veedinthe is a grand venture backed by strong production values, but with a weak story and predictable screenplay.


The film revolves around Anal Murugan (Vikram), a body-builder whose sole aim is to make it big in movies as a villain. With a set of friends, he leads a happy life. He also falls for Deeksha Seth, a beautiful girl whom he meets. As it happens, Murugan comes across Dakshinamoorthy (Viswanath), who is threatened by Chidambaram (Avinash) and others to vacate his property, where he runs an orphanage. Chidambaram, who wants to become a big politician, is backed by Minister Ranganayaki (Sana) in his attempt to grab the property away. Murugan, who wants to help Dakshinamurthy, steps in, to put things back on track. Besides troubles from Avinash and Sana, a big problem comes in the form of Vapa (Pradeep Rawat), a dreaded don in the city. What's next is the climax.


There is almost nothing in Veedinthe if you take Vikram away. For, he delivers the best scene after scene. Deeksha Seth is beautiful and tries to perform well. Viswanath is very good, while Pradeep Rawat, Avinash and Sana are okay.


What surprises you is not the mainstream movie itself; there have many such before, and Vikram has been very successful at some of them. This one, however, sinks into a morass of insipidity with its half-baked scenes, characterizations that belong in the 1960s and ridiculous villains. If it's meant to be a parody, that doesn't work either, as the makers have obviously taken themselves too seriously.


Vikram has entered into a complete new genre of entertainment through this flick. Vikram is a versatile actor and this film proves it. He gives his best as usual, hoping that this commercial movie from his stable after a long break will be a treat to his fans. Suseenthiran too has managed to conceive some good scenes, but fails in making it as an interesting movie to watch


The first half is full of light moments but the story takes a turn post intermission. A lot of sequences are engaging for an average cine-goer but it does have its own sets of loopholes. A complete masala entertainer, Veedinthe is definitely a treat for all Vikram fans.


Madhie's cinematography is cool and hot, depending upon the scenes. Yuvanshankar Raja's songs are average, but his background score is too good. The inspiration should be his dad, the legendary Ilayaraja. Other departments support adequately.


Despite all these good things, Veedinthe fails to impresses us, as we are able to guess the next scene. Suseenthiran should have come out with an unpredictable screenplay to live up to the title. Veedinthe is tightly packaged for the commercial masala audience still it doesn’t have much to allure the public. 


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