Different from the regular mass masala movies...

Anjana, a former associate of Gautham Vasudev Menon, has churned out a movie that speaks loud on the shady lives in Chennai slums. She has laced it with friendship and romance and ensures that it lives up to all expectations for it is released by her mentor's Photon Kathas. Om Prakash's cinematography and Antony's editing, coupled with Joshua Sridhar's music make the movie count.

Balaji (Muthukumar) takes care of his younger brother Karthik (Nani), an engineering student in Chennai. Brought up in the slums, the brothers have a troubled past. Karthik spends all his time with his friend Vishnu (Evam Karthi). He romances Revathy (Nithya Menon) in whose house he is brought up. Balaji and Karthik are left uncared by their father Jothi (Shamoore) who becomes a pimp in the locality, working for a woman drug peddler Ammaji (Jennifer).

Knowing that Vishnu is in love with Viji (Bindhu Madhavi), a commercial sex worker in the neighbourhood, Jothi decides to exploit him for his selfish gain. One day Vishnu gets killed and the blame falls on Karthik. Balaji steps in to prove that his brother is not the killer.

It is one of the well-crafted films in the recent days in terms of its cinematography, editing, sets and music. Joshua Sridhar’s songs are soothing and melodious reminiscent of his Kadhal days. The script is racy with some breezy moments. The twists in the tales are interesting.

Muthukumar, with his performance, is the clear winner. Gautham Menon has dubbed for him. Nani and Karthik are adequate in their roles. Bindhu Madhavai has a limited scope while Nithya Menon hogs limelight with her character.

The movie has its own set of loopholes and the script lacks coherence too. All said & done 'Veppam' is different from regular masala movies.

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