Innovative concept paired with superb it really complete?

Sperms, sex, pills etc... Utter these words in public and you will be immediately labeled as cheap; and we call ourselves modern, right? Well, the very topic that makes millions of families cringe, that word which will make fathers change the channel when uttered on TV while sitting with their kids, very subject which youngsters have fun discussing and has become a reason for happiness for many married couples... Yes, that very subject is what Shoojit Sircar's Vicky Donor is all about. 

Shooji Sircar has taken a very sensitive topic and given it a very light, uncomplicated treatment. Yes, a few things are a bit over-the-top but a complete no-drama, would've turned it into a documentary, right?

Vicky Arora (Ayushmann Khurrana) is the typical Punjabi munda, with a very typical mom and a super modern grandmom. The good-for-nothing Vicky suddenly finds a job that assures him to get money while he does what he usually must be doing in his free time. Vicky Arora thus becomes Vicky donor, on Dr. Chaddha's (Annu Kapoor) persuasion. He suddenly becomes a rich man; but honesty regarding his "job" only leads to him being "single and desperately ready to mingle". So, finally when the girl of his dreams (Yami Gautam as Ashima) comes into his life, he does only that, what any other experienced, sane man will do...he lies about his job. The couple soon gets married but disaster strikes them and things soon start spiraling out-of-control. Will Vicky be able to prove to the world that what he did was a great social work? Will he be able to convince this to his wife? In fact, will he himself realize the magnitude of his contribution?

The concept is fresh, new and without any doubt excellent. The music is perfect and the background track refreshing.

But what needs to be applauded the most is the star cast. Ayushmann has done complete justice to his role. He is very natural in his performance and he even seems to be comfortable being the character that he plays. Yami is definitely pretty and has a good screen presence but she will need a bigger role and more practice to prove her talent. Annu Kapoor is at his best and it is a complete delight to watch him after such a long time. The rest of the cast is also very much in-sync with Mr. Donor. Everyone acts naturally and very easily.

My problem with the movie though, is that it is kind of stretched. It gets boring in-between and very monotonous. There are a few parts which seem to be truly unnecessary; for e.g. the police-part. The dialogues are funny, there are some light moments and some emotional moments but this entire thing is tied very loosely. Sircar takes too much time to establish the importance of Sperm Donation and that too is not done very neatly. So basically, it ends up being more of a love story and less of a story of the brave guy who donates Sperms.

Overall, it is a very sincere attempt by both, the director and the actors. Only if Vicky Donor was crisper and had more emotional punch in it... Well, nevertheless, it won't be a complete waste of money either. 


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