Worth a watch!

2013 has seen many 'India's first'! 
There was the 'Zombie' movie, then underwater 3D and now comes a war comedy; something that promises to be new for the Indian audiences. 
India-Pakistan war is a very sensitive issue with 'Lives on Line', but first time director Faraz Haider tries to give it a funny spin. Does it work or not? Read further...
Captain Raj Veer Rana (Sharman Joshi) is heading the Indian army. He is a sincere army commander who tries to ease the tension by keeping things on a lighter note across the border. Qureshi (Javed Jaffrey) heads the Pakistan forces and stays busy cooking 'Dal Ghost' without the meat and keeps mocking commander Khan (Sanjay Mishra). Rana and Qureshi share a great connection. 
Ruth Dutta (Soha Ali Khan) is a leading reporter and she visits the border with Defence minister (Dalip Tahil) to cover his 'pretend' support to the army. Ruth knows a critical piece of information, that a war between India and Pakistan is about to start, however, when she reaches the border, she is pleasantly surprised by the friendly relationship between the two sides. So Ruth decides to disclose the war information to Rana in order to attempt to stop the war. 
However, it is not easy to stop the war as America wants to initiate it in order to sell weapons to India, while China wants to seal the weapon deal with Pakistan. So the war is not for political, but commercial reasons altogether. 
Rana and Ruth decide to get together and try to convince Qureshi to join them in their fight to stop the war. 
From Media 'Breaking News' to support on 'Social Networks', they try it all to spread the message that neither India nor Pakistan wants war.
Debutante director Faraz Haider makes a brave attempt to portray the facts in a humorous manner, the situations move from being tense to comical. 
Haider who has assisted Dibakar Banerjee, borrows a lot from his mentor as you see similarities. 
From the Antakshari between India-Pakistan jawans to the funny banter on the microphone, to the Pak commando checking out reporters across the border, Haider creates funny moments. 
While the first half is fun, 'War Chhod Na Yaar' loses its grip in the second half when the war breaks. You suddenly feel the movie is going round in circles. 
 Sharman Joshi is riding high on the success of 'Ferrari Ki Sawaari' and he enacts his part with honesty. He is witty and keeps the show going even in the second half when there is a slowdown. 
Javed Jaffrey is really comic as the Pakistan commando. His expressions are funny, his dialect is perfect and he is in total control. 
Soha Ali Khan is a natural and delivers a great performance. After 'Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns' early this year, she manages to add another feather to her cap. 
Mukul Dev is very funny as the 'Pathan' and is in full form after a long hiatus. 
Dalip Tahil does a 'awesome foursome' as he plays Indian Defence minister, Pakistan Prime Minister, Chinese arms dealer and American arms dealer Shawn.
'War Chhod Na Yaar' manages to make you laugh at few places, but overall the attempt to make the movie feels half-hearted. 
If in a mood for some time-pass comedy, then go for it without any expectations. It's worth a watch. 
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