The movie has a Warning in its name itself…

When ghosts come only through the slit below the doors, when they appear like the mosquito spray, when they can write an innovative language which looks like Urdu but only the Bhooth (Ghost) communicator can understand, when the lady of the house is so powerful that she can make the ghost go away with her bare hands, when there is a lot of unwanted yelling and screaming and when the movie name itself has ‘Warning’ in it, you know what to do… Don't go.


A terrorist angle and a ghost angle are intertwined to form the plot of this story. A nice, family guy, Ramsharan (Karan Razdan) bids his family good bye and sets out on a fishing mission but the hunter becomes the hunted when he is targeted by the terrorists headed towards Mumbai. His death becomes a reason of distress for not only his family but also for the terrorist Azaan Khan (Atul Kulkarni). Ramsharan's daughter, Muskaan (Jannat Rahmani) becomes the means of communication for a spirit which is lost between the two worlds- life and death. The spirit is hanging in between and it is because of his wrongful activities that he is punished. How this spirit of a bad person realizes his mistake only to correct it by preventing another terrorist attack is what is amusing to see…


The movie defies all logic and sense. It is like a school project gone wrong, where night to day and day to night transformation is done with the help of probably a dark film, where suddenly music stops with a new scene and where suddenly while shifting from one scene to another, the screen goes black and blank. There is just too much screaming in the movie, where after a while, you want to tell Ila Arun to stop or else she will probably lose her voice. No one is worth mentioning for their performances except probably the little girl Jannat. She is good because she is a child and she will surely blame her parents for letting her do such a film when she grows up…poor girl. Rest of the cast is the epitome of over acting. I am seriously  at a loss of words as to what caste and language this family belongs to... are they Rajasthanis, Gujurathis, half muslims, what are they? Anupam kher, the peer baba (some saint) has a weird glow on top of his head and a bit around him…either it is faulty camera work/ editing work or it is because that is the look they wanted.


The thought and concept is good but horrible acting, ear-piercing sound effects and screams, terrible music and songs and very crude editing has spoilt the movie to the core… If you suffer from low self-esteem, watch the movie and you will be assured that you are not stupid. 

kingfisher backstage