An oscillatory and mind numbing affair. Skip it.

Films with a distinguishing storyline are often a rarity nowadays but 'X: Past Is Present' is one such film. We will discuss what is so distinguishing about this film, in a little while but first let's just analyze whether the film will manage to click with the audience or will it just fizzle out.

'X: Past Is Present' tells the story of K (Rajat Kapoor) who is a not-so-successful filmmaker and who has made 20 films in his career that have mostly fared well at the International film festivals but have little recognition in India. At a party, he meets a vivacious young girl who strikes a conversation with him that takes him back through various time frames of his life. He is reminded of all the women in his life and how they contributed to his filmmaking and writing which is now a prime concern since he has no story to tell with no woman in his life.

Coming to terms with the acting part, the two lead actors Rajat Kapoor and Anshuman Jha who plays a young K, stand out. Both of them have managed to carry out their characters with finesse. As for the supporting cast, the ones who stand out are Swara Bhaskar and Radhika Apte. Both of them, even though in small roles, carry out their respective characters with elaan. Rest of the supporting cast is strictly ok.

There is nothing very special to mention about the film's cinematography and is quite satisfactory. Editing part is handled well too as the film is just about 2 hours long and does not get too stretchy.

There are hardly any songs in the film and the one which is present, plays at the film's ending and fails to create any impact. The basic plot of 'X: Past Is Present' revolves around K and his escapades with several women, His dealings with the women in his life have sexual innuendos and thus the recurring themes in the film remain infidelity, voyeurism, sodomy etc.

Even though the storyline of the film is distinguishing, it is not everyone's cup of tea to digest or understand the film, as the storyline oscillates too much and rather creates a confusion. It keeps on oscillating so much throughout that at one point of time, your mind might just start getting numb, trying to understand the film and then it will get you bored and you might also start thinking " Good Lord, when will this get over".

Go for the film only if you want to watch a film with a different and striking storyline or if you don't have anything better to do this weekend and just want to kill some idle time. But dont expect yourself to get entertained, because as already mentioned earlier, you might just start thinking that you were better off back home.



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