The film shouts to be a comedy entertainer but turns out to be an overdramatic affair.

The Deols are back again with Navaniat Singh directorial 'Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se' and the audiences had all their expectations at peak as the trio is back after quite a long time. The film has got an exquisite plot of 'Ayurveda' vs 'Medical science' and the character introduction of Sunny Deol as a Vedic expert named 'Puran' is absolutely spot on. It is a traditional Ayurvedic formula named 'Vajrakavach' treasured from generation to generation and is now safe in the hands of Puran who treats many common people recommending them ayurvedic remedies. It is his innocent younger brother 'Kaala' played by Bobby Deol who is searching for clients to sell this prestigious formula at a right price. Moreover, Dharmendra plays a good old lawyer who has captured Puran Singh's property and lives there by giving just 115 rs rent.

Just like every other Yamla Pagla Deewana film, this one has an antagonist played by Mohan Kapoor who owns a pharmaceutical company called 'Mataera'. The first 30 minutes of the film was super gripping involving us to its logical plot where the corporate guy to purchase Vajrakavach's recipe. But right after the masala entertaining confrontations, and Sunny Deol shown almost as a Hulk the film starts to dip with some unnecessary lame dialogues and added drama. Although there is a sprinkle of a few funny moments especially when Bobby gets high every night and screams and yelling. Kriti Kharbanda plays a nerdy party animal who is a surgeon by profession and visits Puran Singh place to learn the art of Ayurveda.

Although by the passing narrative the audience manages to anticipate that she is here for a conspiracy and bingo the cliche storyline leads us there. The love interest of Kala aka Bobby, it is Chikoo aka Kriti Kharbanda who betrays them by stealing their precious formulae of Vjrakavach. Now the antagonist has patented the idea and with the help of Parmaar they battle through a legal case in court where Shatrughan Sinha is on the justice bench and Rajesh Sharma plays the opposition lawyer. With such a brilliant plot to explore the writers could have woven humour to most part of the film's narrative but most of it remains unnecessary and way more cliche.

Although dialogue delivery is what doesn't disappoints us. The angels from heaven are the hallucination for Parmaar and the trio of Punjabi puttars are heavy drinker. Justice Sinha and Parmar's interaction is quirky as they are well old friend from the college days and those little 'Tu Tu Main Main' makes us giggle. The second half is far more stretched and many overdramatic scenes that aren't funny at all could have been avoided. Salman Khan's cameo got a few whistles by the climax but overall the audiences were looking for more and were left disappointed.

Most of the songs from the film are peppy and chartbuster song 'Little Little' where the Deol trio enters a happening bar lounge in Daman to quench their liquor thirst. A romantic number titled 'Nazarbattu' which catered the chemistry of Kriti Kharbanda and Bobby Deol was a true treat to watch. 'Tunu Tunu' by Alamgir Khan and Jyotica Tangri was the best of all a true highlight reflecting beautiful Punjabi tradition and Kriti Kharbanda just slays in the peach coloured Patiala dress; you simply cannot take your eyes away from her as she graces few bhangra steps along with the Deols. While 'Rafta Rafta' medley including Salman, Sonakshi and Rekha is some dose of entertainment. The song is enduring and revamps the classical Kishore Kumar hit to a modern number.

Cinematographer Jitan Harmeet Singh has captured most sequences quite well. Although Gujarat was not explored much,the beautiful Golden Temple is shot cinematically well. The production design team misses out to lay traditional rustic and raw Punjab and could have managed to present the rural town instead. Editing by Manish More is to the mark. The dialogues and punches from the film could have been stressed more on the funny side and as they didn't turn out to be much quirky either.

Overall, Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se is an overdramatic family drama and could be watched by Deol fans.            

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