The film has a very different and refreshing plot but it falls flat

New Director and relatively new actors plus minimal promotion has already minimised the chances of people going to watch Yeh Faasley in theatres. The only thing that can drive the audiences to the silver screen is Anupam Kher. Later, its upon the content to keep viewers glued to the screens. Yes, there is no denial about the fact that Yeh Faasley has content. The film has a very different and refreshing plot but it falls flat when the makers try to put in a cliched end and stretch it to try your patience.


Yeh Faasley is the story of Arunima Dua (Tena Desae) and her urge to know the truth about her mother's unlikely death. After growing up in a boarding school, Arunima comes to stay with her father Devendra Devilal Dua (Anupam Kher) and finds out that the stories her father has told her about her mother's death are not true. In a chance encounter, Arunima also meets a former prince, Digvijay Singh (Pawan Malhotra), who runs an orphanage for children. Although Digvijay, a.k.a. Diggy, is a proud man, his days of princely glory are over. Diggy had known Arunima’s mother because they both shared a passion for music. To her surprise, Arunima discovers that her mother had been an accomplished musician in her prime. When she questions her dad about why he didn’t tell her more details about her mom, like the fact that she was an acclaimed musician, Dua tells her that it was just a coincidence. Arunima also learns about her dad’s anger problem when, at Nisha’s wedding, he brutally beats up one of the baraatis who tried to flirt with Arunima. Dua also coerces Diggy not to meet Arunima further. Due to all of this, Arunima suspects that something is amiss in her dad’s story about her mother’s death and starts snooping around, trying to uncover more details of what had exactly happened when her mother had died. She stumbles upon an old audio cassette, in which her father is accusing her mother of seeing someone else. Extremely ruffled, Arunima suspects her father of having killed her mother, but he assuages her when confronted. The very next day, Dua sells off all the old belongings of his wife. She then faces a dilemma and starts a thrilling journey to find out the truth. 


Anupam Kher totally gets into the nerve of Dev Dua with being short tempered at one point and changing into a doting father at the other. The actor is immensely talented and has proved it time and again. Newcome Tena Desae, has done quite a few advertisements prior to getting her big break. The lady charms as she is torn between her father's love and the truth. She shows great potential and if recognized will have a great future. Rushad Rana is good in parts. Pavan Malhotra is one underrated actor in the film industry. The man has not been utilised to his true potential which is much more than many of the top notches of the industry. The director of the movie Yogesh Mittal fails to impress with scenes being repetitive and bad editing. There was one song in the film which was not really required and was not even impressive.


If Anupam Kher manages to get his fans watch the film, there are very less chances of people sitting till the end. But it does have positives like fab performances and is thrilling in parts.

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