...It is like a compilation of many superhero and kiddy movies! 

Batman, Superman, He-Man, who next?... Zokkomon? Certainly not! A superhero with magical powers is not what Zokkomon is about. A Walt Disney Pictures movie, directed by Satyajit Bhatkal is definitely and completely aimed at children and is not the kind of movie which adults will enjoy. Zokkomon is the story of a young boy Kunal (Darsheel Safary), who after losing his parents in an accident is left in the care of his greedy uncle (Anupam Kher). Not wanting to look after the boy and eyeing the money that has been left for the boy by his parents in their will, he stages the boys fake death and claims the wealth. After a series of events the boy returns to the village, realises that the villagers think him dead and from thereon is the birth of Zokkomon.

Now, the entire movie appears to be a melange of several kid stories and movies. Right from the ghost house, which seems to be from the movie 'Makadi', to certain elements which are typical Disney movie moments, the entire movie is like a compilation of several superhero and kid's movies.

Darsheel Safary has acted very well but somehow he seems to have a similar role to that in 'Taare Zameen Par', yet he is perfectly cast to capture the essence of childhood. In the fight of Zokkomon and the Scientist against the superstitious villagers, all this kid wants is a place to call 'home'...a family. A kid wants nothing more than his friends, a family and his innocent childhood. Kunal has seen a lot of hardships at a very young age and that's why he keeps saying- "Mein bachcha jaroor hu magar mujhe sab samajhta hai"(I am a kid but I understand everything) but still, he doesn't look for revenge, he just wants to live happily. Manjari Phadnis is dramatic and extremely hyper. She looks great and extremely fresh on screen, nonetheless. Anupam Kher has acted well but he seems to have lost his charm to be funny even to kids.

What supports the movie is its beautiful visuals (which seem to come directly from the movie Harry Potter, at times) and the superb sound effects and music.

All in all, it's the kind of movie which will make the kids laugh but not their parents accompanying them. The movie is like the magical world of Harry Potter, except that the magic is all about Science. A movie with many good messages and definitely not a headache.

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