Good film let down by a hazy story.

Debutante director Mozez Singh's 'Zubaan' is a delightful film till the time it doesn't brings in unnecessary sequences which were absolutely not required and prove deterrent to the flow of the film. It's a story about a young boy Dilsher (Vicky Kaushal) from Gurdaspur, who comes to Delhi to make it big. He finds his idol, a business tycoon Gurucharan Sikand (Manish Chaudhary) who takes him under his wings. Post this, a visible tiff between Sikand's insecure son, played by Gaurav Chanana and Dilsher starts. Ohh, did we forget to mention about Amira (Sarah Jane Dias), Dilsher's love interest who also is a part of the film but is only seen dancing her way to trance music fighting a bad past.

Singh tried to portray a film that makes the audiences think about what success really is, and to some extent he succeeds. However, he juxtaposes an element too many to the basic concept, doing justice to neither. The plot is not novel, however, if presented well, makes for a heartbreaking film that makes a part of the viewer sit back and take notice. And we do notice it but sadly in parts.

What really takes the film to another level are thumping performances by Kaushal and Chaudhary. Both are great actors and make a strong impact, especially Kaushal with his impeccable Punjabi dialect, good screen presence and brilliant act. Dias' part was not much required and she is strictly okay in it. Chanana does well playing sort of a anti-hero here.

'Zubaan' is quite a visual treat when it comes to the technicalities and the production value, so much so that at times you feel that the story isn't doing justice to the quality of production. Swapnil Sonawane creates magic with his camera and should definitely be lauded. Music by Ashutosh Pathak is soothing, be it 'Niamat Salaamat' or 'Ajj Sannu O mileya'. However, our favourite would be the gurubani 'Mitar Piyaare Nu'. Editing is perfect, however it's the predictable screenplay and dialogue that is a snooze.

Zubaan is a good film let down by a hazy story and a strictly average screenplay. Watch it only for the powerful performances by Kaushal and Chaudhary.

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