• 'Black Jama Hai' is all about moral vs corrupt

    6th March 2018

    Based on an incredible true story of Income-tax officer Amay Patnaik from Lucknow who conducted the most high-profile raid in the year 1981. We have Ajay Devgn to fill in his shoes perfectly with Saurabh Shukla as the corrupt politician hiding all the black money beneath his feet.

    The tempo of the song is a bit fast-paced catching up the intensity of the feud between Ajay and Saurabh a great example of moral officer vs a corrupt politician who challenges him that he won't get a penny from his home. The song ends in a quirky way where Shukla bribes Devgn telling him to take away 5 lac dollars to which Ajay shuts him up with his relentless dialogue. Click here to watch Black Jama Hai music video.

    Sung by Sukhwinder Singh, the lyrics of this song takes a sly dig at all the black money holders saying 'Black Jama Hai'. Amit Trivedi's composition brings a lot of life to this number making it quite intense.

    Taking a serious genre film all of a sudden to which Ajay replied, "I like rotating my genres, doing different things. I did Golmaal now Raid, then a rom-com and then Dhamaal. I think I've been lucky. I've tried most of the genres and they all have worked. It (trying new genres) has got nothing to do with the stereotype. It’s about me enjoying my work and not getting repetitive and bored."

    Bankrolled by T-Series Films and Abhishek Pathak's Panaroma Studios, Raid is slated to releases on March 16.

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