• From the sets of 'Zero', Anushka cheers for Virat's RCB

    18th May 2018

    Anushka Sharma is in the US for a 45 days schedule of her upcoming film 'Zero' and the actress couldn't stop herself from cheering her husband's IPL Team Royal Challengers Bangalore who had their last game against Sunrisers Hyderabad.

    Anushka wholeheartedly cheered for husband Virat from the sets of the film. She posted on her social media account, "Come on boys."  For the last match, Anushka had cheered Virat by sporting a t-shirt with his name 'Virat Kohli' to which Virat had responded with, "Yes my love. Indeed we arrived today."

    Moreover, Anushka was active the whole match sharing Instagram story which included TV coverage of the match and the actress wrote, ''come on come on come on.''  

    After the South Africa tour, Kohli admitted that Anushka stands with her like a wall being her backbone in tough times. He gave his victory credit to Anushka by saying, "People who contribute off the field they deserve a lot of credit as well. My wife who keeps me motivated deserves a lot of credit. She's been criticised a lot in the past. But she's one person who's kept me going throughout the tour."

    Earlier in an interview with Aamir Khan, Kohli once said,"She is a lovely and simple person and she is as honest as well just like I am. And that is what I love about her the most. That is my biggest attraction towards her."


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