• 'Padmavati' to release in Feb 2018

    11th September 2017

    Makers of Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh starrer 'Padmavati' have postponed its release date from November 2017 to February 2018 as per the sources. Earlier, the Sanjay Leela Bhansali film had an uncertain heated controversy created on the sets of the film in Rajasthan. It was a particular community that protested against a romantic scene of Rani Padmavati and Allaudin Khilji which was the villain's thought and yet an offensive gesture to be shot as per the localities. However, this protest turned into violence and shoot came to an halt.

    Although the film makers have finished shooting a major part, Bhansali has decided not to rush but mark a new release date to avoid hectic schedule for the cast. Moreover, most part of the film is yet to be shot including some action scenes as well as portions of young Allaudin Khilji are pending. It seems like the delay can be a blessing in disguise as no big film is set to make the Feb 2018 slot apart from Anushka Sharma's 'Pari' leading to a minimum competition at the box office.

    As of now, the SLB banner film may have plenty of time in finishing the shoot along with the major cast. It will equally focus on completing the post production with the help of VFX, gathering up the best possible content for the film. So the wait is finally over for the frenzy filmy fans who are eagerly waiting for this epic period drama.           

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