• Priyanka Chopra steps forward for Anti-Trump Women's march

    23rd January 2017

    The top highlight of the year 2016 was Donald Trump's win over Hilary Clinton as the President of America. While the results were announced in the year 2016, he did not became the official President till January 20, 2017 when his oath-taking ceremony was held with great pomp and show. Just a day after Trump was sworn as the President of America, a anti-trump women's march was carried out by the women who are upset by Trump's win. Priyanka Chopra too came forward and lent her support.

    Priyanka was not physically present at the time of the march but made sure that she is supporting all the women who participated. She took to her Twitter handle and tweeted, "So proud of all my sisters and the men that are at the #WomensMarch I'm so upset I couldn't go. #girllove #womensrightsarehumanrights."

    Priyanka is currently in Los Angeles shooting for American TV series 'Quantico' season 2 and will soon resume shooting for her Hollywood debut film 'Baywatch.'

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