• A 100 Crores - Oh My God!

    23rd October 2012

    Inspite of a completely different concept, a honest plot and no item number to back it up, Akshay Kumar's 'Oh My God' has managed to achieve the new mark of Bollywood - The 100 crore mark.

    The film starring Paresh Rawal as an atheist and Akki as our very own 'stylish' God, has not only managed to entertain the audiences, but also amaas huge mullah at the box office.

    When the collection graph of the film started moving upwards, there were speculations if 'OMG' could make it to 100 crores. And now, putting all the speculations at rest, the makers of the film have proudly advertised their achievement.

    "A Divine Hit! We have touched 100 crores and a billion hearts!", they published in a leading daily.

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