• Abhay is a much better Tamilian than SRK

    13th April 2012

    Actor Abhay Deol, who plays a Tamil IAS officer in Dibakar Banerjee's next Shanghai, took language lessons to get into the skin of his character, and the director feels that he has surpassed Shah Rukh Khan's act in RA.One. 

    "I can say he did better than that (SRK's Tamil act). Before the shoot began, for three months, he (Abhay) had asked for a Tamil coach who can teach him Tamil alphabets, language and the accent. He had also asked me to rehearse Tamil lines with him before the shoot," Dibakar told reporters at the first look of Shanghai. 

    For an actor to get into a completely different role is not easy. "As I am a Tamil guy in this film, so on the accent part, we did not want to make it sound stereotype, as whenever we have had South Indian characters in Hindi films they bring those typical accent. So how do we not make stereotype and yet make it sound Tamil, was the main thing for me to do," Abhay said.  

    Another different thing about Abhay would be that he will be sporting a moustache for his role. 



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