• Abhay takes breaks to discover inner self

    20th June 2011

    Abhay Deol, the youngest lad from the Deol clan is often considered as a thinking man's actor. Citing his image as an off-beat cinema actor, Abhay has given some impeccable performances in his films like 'DEV D', 'Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye' and 'Road, Movie'. Ever wondered what makes him deliver such powerful performances each time he comes on screen? The secret is revealed by the man himself.

    The actor, who walks the path of his heart, feels that by taking small breaks amidst his busy life, helps him discover the best facets of his personality. Abhay said that there were times when he was doing back to back films and gave no attention to his private life. According to him, by doing work back to back, one feels stagnant and can't deliver one's best. Abhay's success mantra is 'let life be free...as it's only through that you'll grow'.

    So the next time you hear that Abhay is on a holiday, you know what will follow there after.

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