• Ajay-Kajol against Tanisha going in the Bigg Boss house

    12th September 2013
    Kajol's younger sister Tanisha is contemplating an offer to enter the Bigg Boss house. 
    The actress who was allegedly dating Uday Chopra could not make it big in the Industry. However, brother-in-law Ajay Devgn took control and made her a part of all his production ventures. 
    Tanisha recently also made her theatre debut with Divya Palat's play 'The Verdict' and now wants to enter the controversial reality show. 
    Apparently, sister Kajol, brother-in-law Ajay Devgn and even mother Tanuja are against Tanisha's decision as they consider it naive. 
    The Mukerji's have always guarded their private lives and nothing remains private in the Bigg Boss house.
    Tanisha, however, is adamant of being a part of the show and we hear that has also had a heated argument with others in the family. 
    The actress will soon be making her Marathi film debut and her family is making sure that they convince her to drop her decision of entering the bad Bigg Boss house.
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