• Ajay shoots in freezing cold water!

    13th July 2011

    There is a lot of buzz around Rohit Shetty's next 'Singham'! Ajay Devgn's sexy body has been the talk of the town, ever since the first trailer released!

    However, what fans do not know is the amount hard work that the actor put in, for every scene in which his body looks so drool worthy! One such scene is where we see a bare-chested Ajay looking every bit of his macho cop avatar, emerging from the water. Though the scene looks very simple, the catch was the weather during the shoot!

    The scene was shot in Panchagani late in the night when the temperature dropped drastically below zero degree. On one hand, where the entire unit was dressed in sweaters and jackets, on the other hand, our hero was to do a bare body scene in freezing cold water!

    Everyone on the set was hesitant about letting Ajay do the shot, as nobody wanted to risk him falling ill. Ajay however, put all their apprehensions to rest and went on to give a brilliant shot, even in that kind of weather!

 kingfisher backstage