• Akshay finds his perfect match for 'Singh Is Bling'

    1st July 2015

    The "Khiladi" of Bollywood Akshay Kumar has found his perfect Ms Khiladi for his upcoming film, 'Singh Is Bling' in Amy Jackson.

    Amy Jackson has been putting in all the efforts that she possibly can to be the perfect match for "Khiladi" Kumar in the film. She has been undergoing rigourous training in martial arts from months now under the guidance of a professional martial artist.

    Amy will be seen in an action packed avatar for the very first time in the film. She said, "We started with the basics of kicking, lunging and blocking and gradually worked our way up to more advanced moves. Then a few days prior to the shoot, Anaal, the action choreographer, and his assistants would work on the exact moves so we could perfect them."

    Commenting further on one of her fight scenes in the film, she added, "A big part of the sequence was taken in one shot with a steady cam. There were all kinds of moves, from spinning kicks to double kicks. It was quite a task and tiring too but I pulled it off."


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