• Akshay Kumar's daughter Nitara is already a pro at self defence

    15th February 2017

    We all know how Akshay Kumar is concerned about the safety of women and girls in the society. He even started an academy to provide martial arts training for the girls. Tagged as the fittest actor of Bollywood, Akshay is an ardent follower of martial arts and other forms too. Even his son has won many championships at school level. Akshay's apple of the eye, his daughter Nitara too has been learning martial arts at this tender age.

    Akshay shared a video on his Instagram account and captioned it as, "This Valentine's Day don't let a guy take you for granted.Learn martial arts, you never know when it comes handy & starting early always helps 😜"

    The video shows Nitara learning the basic fighting steps. Looks like another champion is all set to join the 'Kumar' clan.

    Watch the video here

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