• Akshay prepared hard to play 'GOD'

    10th September 2012

    Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has played varied characters in his films in his two decade long career. But never has he played 'GOD' in any of his films before.

    He, who is extremely excited for his forthcoming production 'OMG - Oh My God' in which he plays the 'Almighty', prepared really hard to get the aesthetics right.

    Akshay who plays Lord Krishna in the film was made to read and understand Holy Scripture 'Bhagavad-Gita' compulsorily by his mother.

    When his mother learnt the fact that Akshay was supposed to play the Lord in his film, she advised him to thoroughly learn the holy book.

    Kumar who felt the need to understand it before playing the character not only learnt it meticulously, but also extended the good deed by distributing around 80 copies of the holy book to the cast and the crew of the film. 

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