• Akshay - Shirish cold war

    27th August 2012

    There has been a huge hype around promotions of the film 'Joker' that has not been seeing the light of the day despite the fact that the release of the film is just around the corner. The film is slated to release on August 31, but yet there hardly have been any promotions done.

    While it has been sensed that all is not well between the team, we now hear that lead actor of the film, Akshay Kumar was not happy with the way 'Joker' has finally evolved.

    Initially, he was happy with Shirish's script and was excited about the fact that the film was to be made in 3D, but when it didn't happen, he was disappointed. Also, according to him the film was not creatively satisfactory. 

    Akshay who has not promoted the film at any juncture was reportedly also saddened when Farah shot for a fun video with her "best pal" Shah Rukh Khan for the film's promotion. He is so upset with Farah and Shirish, that he has vouched not to work with them again. 

    It remains to be seen if these doing-the-round rumors turn out to be true or just fizzle out with time. 


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