• Alec Baldwin rules out reality TV show

    3rd August 2012

    Alec Baldwin would "rather die" than appear in a reality TV show with his brothers.

    The actor's siblings Daniel, William and Stephen followed him into the industry but he has never worked with all of them together. Although part of him thinks it could be fun, there are certain things he draws the line at.

    "You know, I had a project once we were going to do together and then we got too old! It required everybody to be closer to 40 than 50. They were in their 30s and I was closer to 40. This is ten, 12 years ago. If something came along that was a good project But I've never got a good script to do with all of them. Never," he told Total Film. "I've had reality shows. They want me to do reality shows with my brothers. I think I'd rather die!"

    Alec, 54, also spoke about the people he admires in the industry. He is a big fan of Brad Pitt, but can't imagine ever being as popular as the Hollywood star.

    Alec marvelled at the amount of roles Brad must pass up, claiming that for every movie he goes ahead with he probably turns down ten more.

    He joked Brad has scripts which could "fill this room" and thinks Ryan Gosling is in the same boat.

    "Ryan has all the things you need to be a male film star. You need three things, really. You need masculinity, sensitivity and intelligence he's making smart choices. Because there's a lot of pressure," Alec explained. 

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