• Alicia Keys has toilet-inspired rituals

    28th September 2012

    Alicia Keys says the secret to her great sounding performances is imagining she is "going to the bathroom" when she sings.

    The songstress has learnt a lot during her long career in the music industry. She explained some of the unorthodox methods she swears by when she is belting out her hits on stage.

    "You have to talk like you're going to the bathroom... Yes, pushing down like your [having a wee]," Alicia explained to BBC Radio One Breakfast show host Nick Grimshaw. "I know it sounds crazy but that's the way to take your voice out of your throat."

    Alicia explained that there are certain rituals she follows before and during her live performances to ensure her voice is pitch perfect. Being quiet the day before you are due to be singing is crucial in preserving the quality of her sound.

    "It is really about being quiet [before a performance], it's something I've learnt over the years," Alicia continued. "There's certain disciplines you do have to learn, like don't talk too much."

    Alicia is currently promoting her new single Girl On Fire in the UK. The star commented on an interview Justin Bieber gave while he was also in the country earlier this week, when he said he struggles with early morning.

    Alicia doesn't think Justin's entourage should pander to his every need as it could affect the way he matures into manhood.

    "They probably should get him used to doing things like waking himself up," Alicia joked. "Otherwise he's going to become a man who can't get himself up in the mornings."

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