• Alicia Silverstone: Clueless lingo too cool for me

    13th October 2012

    (Cover) - EN Showbiz - Alicia Silverstone "didn't know what anything meant" in Clueless.

    The actress portrayed Cher in the hit 1995 high school comedy that was written and directed by Amy Heckerling.

    Alicia was often confounded by the slang that her Beverly Hills teenage character used.

    "I didn't know what anything meant," she told Entertainment Weekly.

    "I would have to say to Amy, What does As if' mean?' She's way hipper than I am. I mean, Surfing the crimson wave'?"

    The fashion worn by the characters in the film is legendary.

    Alicia admits that she did find Cher's obsession with clothes really bizarre initially.

    "At the time I remember when I would go to the wardrobe fittings, I was like, God, why do I have to go to another fitting?' " she recalled.

    "When I read the script, I understood that Cher really likes clothes, but that doesn't mean that you understand that you're going to have to have 67 different outfit changes. My little brain couldn't understand why her clothes were so important to her. By the end, of course, I wanted all of them." (C) Cover Media

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