• Allah Ke Banday - Gangster Breakfast!

    4th October 2010


    October 4, 2010 (Showbiz PR Wire): When the direction team went for break-fast in a hotel after the night shoot, they were discussing where (in which scene) the characters of the film were going to be killed and how.

    They spoke lines like Ravi will get shot three days from now & Both of them will have to die etc

    After some time, a frail man sitting on a close-by table and eating idli dosa, asked pale-faced Who are you people?

    He mistook them for Murderers and the poor man fled the hotel with half eaten idli.

    Later on the cops came in to check who the old man was talking about.

    When the cops came in they recognized Sharman Joshi n Faruk as they had been shooting there from quite a few days and then explained to the old man that they were actors and were shooting in the area for their film.


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