• Anjaana Anjaani: Critical Appreciation

    2nd October 2010

    Oct 3, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): Anjaana Anjaani, the recently released Sajid Nadiadwala flick, directed by Siddhartha Anand, has in fact stirred up quite a furor with its very up market scenarios, club hip hopping and lavish locales, all making it a must watch visual treat.

    The film, which has been touted as a truly youngsters must watch, has all the ingredients of a typical masala Bollywood flick, with larger than life depictions of certain moments in the flick making it a teenage fancy flick, combined with significant moments for audiences of all ages.

    However, most parts of the film have been handled with a much more matured outlook, yet with a very strong essence of todays mind set of the youth. The modern character representations in the flick have certainly been enacted by the star duo with absolute elan, and the storyline, in spite of being a little different, says a lot about complex human relationships in a very subtle yet convincingly.

    The director has sent a strong message through the film, citing instances that love and understanding goes a long way in paving a way to the best in life. The movie has some of the best comic dialogues and interactions between the characters, which have come on screen after a long time.

    This flick is certainly a big thumbs up, when it comes to a must watch!

    -- Sampurn Wire

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