• Anne Hathaway: I'm the envy of millions

    11th July 2012

    (Cover) - EN Showbiz - Anne Hathaway says she appreciates that she was the "envy of millions" when she first got to read the script for The Dark Knight Rises.

    The actress plays Catwoman in the latest installment of the Batman franchise.

    She tells MTV News that she was incredibly honoured to be one of the first to lay eyes on the script of the Christopher Nolan movie.

    "I was in a room by myself reading a script," she revealed. "I think there was a guard outside."

    "A part of me was trying to stay professional, like, This is going to be your one chance to read it for many, many months, so really take it in.'

    "And a part of me was like, Holy s**t! This is so cool! Oh my god! I am the envy of so many million people right now.'

    "I just could not believe my luck, so I had those two things going. Keeping it cool and, pardon the pun, bats*** crazy."

    The Dark Knight Rises, also co-starring Christian Bale, Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman opens in theatres later this month. (C) Cover Media

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