• Anupam Kher wants to play iconic villain Mogambo

    16th December 2014

    Actor Anupam Kher, who has been entertaining us for so many years, is keen to play iconic villain Mogambo, if he gets an opportunity.

    Mostly not in favour of stepping into somebody else's role, but when it comes to Mogambo played by Amrish Puri in Mr.India, he feels it's a perfect one so far.

    He said, "I am not in favour of doing any role of anybody on-screen again because I think the roles I have played so far were perfect, according to the situation and the career that time."

    "But if I get a chance and if 'Mr.India' is made again, then I would like to do Mogambo's role."

    However, he feels he won't be able to match Amrish Puri, if he ever does it.

    "I would love to do it with a different dimension because I feel it is impossible to give the same dimension to the character as given by Amrish Puriji," said Kher.

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