• Anushka makes an exception for Hirani

    2nd May 2014

    Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma is famous for her rules that she follows before signing a film. She demands a narration and a bound script before she joins the team.

    But she made an exception when filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani offered her the film 'P.K.' opposite Aamir Khan.

    Apparently, as soon as Hirani contacted Anushka for the film, she jumped on the offer and confessed that she was ready to play whatever role he had for her.

    Report has it that Anushka is a huge fan of Raju's films and hence she was sure that if a film has come to her from Raju, he will do full justice to her part in the film.

    However, the filmmaker insisted on her attending the narration session. And as per his instructions, Anushka did sit through a detailed narration session. And immediately after the session, she signed the deal.

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