• Apurva Asrani is unhappy with Kangana Ranaut taking credits for 'Simran'

    17th May 2017

    After Kangana Ranaut stole the limelight in the teaser of her next film 'Simran' by Hansal Mehta, a new poster claimed that she is the 'additional story and dialogue writer' of the film. This has not gone well with the writer of the film Apurva Asrani. While the writer didn't mind with Kangana taking credits for the dialogue writing, he is irked with the fact that Kangana is also tagged as the story writer of the film.

    In a lengthy Facebook post, he mentioned that when Kangana was approached by the director it was just a one-line screenplay which was later elaborated by Kangana. At first it was a dark, gritty thriller which was turned a light hearted, funny story by Kangana. Some excerpts from his post reads, "Today not only do I see her credit before mine on the poster ( which I had decided not to fight), but I also saw Kangana on her 'Facebook Live' event yesterday claiming that she had written the film (with Hansal) from a one-line he gave her. She had already discredited my one line in her Mid Day Interview in April, saying it was a dark & gritty thriller till she wrote a new film. I have tried to be dignified about this for so long, but I am at a loss to understand why Kangana would snatch the hard earned work of a writer. I wish she had been graceful about this and acknowledged what I brought to this film. I also wish that my dear friend Hansal shows some spine and either refutes or endorses my story."

    Apurva and Hansal has worked in the past together for film like 'Shahid', 'Aligarh' and 'Citylights.'

    Read Apurva's complete Facebook post here.

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