• Arshad in awe of sequels

    17th January 2013

    Famously called as 'Circuit', Arshad Warsi has been a part of the successful film franchises like 'Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.', 'Golmaal' and the 'Dhamaal' series. He has been a part of many sequels till now and has successfully carried on with the trend.

    Arshad has sailed through good times with sequels which he feels are a great thing to work on. "Sequels are a great idea as they have various aspects attached to it," said Arshad.

    He adds that it is a bankable prospect for the makers, actors and the audiences as well. "For a producer making a sequel means banking on a previous hit. Audiences too want to enjoy it as they have an assurance because of the previous hit. For a director and actor too sequels come as a great idea, so why not?" asserted Arshad.

    However, he adds that the team working on the sequel has to work harder to perform at par expectations. "In sequels we have to work harder because it has to match up to the previous film. Apart from 'Munnabhai' not many have been successful. Coming up with a sequel is a tough task as to match up to the previous level and be better is the challenge," added Arshad.

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