• B-Town mourns the death of Delhi gang-rape victim

    29th December 2012

    India is set on fire filled with rage and anger for all the heinous crimes that have been taking place in our country. The recent Delhi gang-rape event has made things worse and people have now set out to protest against this crime.

    The victim who was hospitalized for over a week, passed away today after fighting this brutal attack on her. Though doctors had given up hope, they were still trying to see if they could try different ways of helping her. She was shifted from Delhi to a Singapore hospital for an organ transplant. But it wasn't even a day that she reached Singapore and she breathe her last.

    Doctors say, she passed away due to a celebral edema, after suffering a cardiac arrest, but the reasons are still unknown.

    While everyone mourns the death of this braveheart, Bollywood is standing very strong against this crime and want to make sure justice is provided to the victim and her family.

    Writing about their concerns and paying a tribute to the victim, here are a few messages that celebrities have written on their microblogging page.

    Amitabh Bachchan: "Amanat', 'Damini' just a name now .. her body has passed away, but her soul shall shall forever stir our hearts !!!"

    Anupam Kher: "This is Death of Human Dignity, Death of Being an Indian, Death of Innocence and This is also Death of A System. India is Heart Broken. RIP."

    "This is NOT the time to shut down Metros, India Gate or India. This is the time to Apologise,Say SORRY for letting People down."

    R. Madhavan: "If Govt can send victim 2 Spore 4 bettr treatment then i suggest send accused 2 Saudi arabia 4 bettr punishment"fantastic"

    Ajay Devgn: "why does someone need to b sacrificed to start a revolution? I hope her sacrifice is not in vain! The bastards shd b hanged! Jai hind!"

    Abhishek Bachchan: "I have always been a very proud Indian. Today, we should ALL be ashamed. Will it always take an innocents death for a nation to awake?"

    Boman Irani: "She was like a soldier of revolution. If forgotten, the shame on us is greater than the one's we accuse!"

    Karan Johar: "RIP to a brave girl who fought in a weak and paralysed country......."

    Madhur Bhandarkar: "RIP Damini, today is a dark day in our democracy. We should pledge not to let dust settle on this fight till the end."

    Riteish Deshmukh: "Just heard the braveheart girl is no more. True fighter. Sad it takes a tragedy for us to wake up. Prayers with the family."

    Akshay Kumar: "Our fighter lost the battle of life. Her only fault, she ventured out of the house at night, walking the streets of the national capital expecting to be safe. The day a woman can walk freely on the roads at night is when India will be truly independent. RIP democracy!"

    Many have shared their grieve in different ways, but it's more important to practice what you preach.

    R.I.P., Delhi gang-rape victim.

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