• Bollywood celebrates Narendra Modi's victory!

    16th May 2014

    While the entire world was waiting to see who India's next PM will be, Narendra Modi turned out to be the clear winner.

    Bollywood celebrities rejoiced India's win by posting on their microblogging page. Here is what they said:

    RajinikanthHearty Congratulations dear @narendramodi Ji on your historic win. Best wishes

    Shah Rukh KhanWhat a solid mandate given by the ppl.It proves again that the only constant is change.Now to move forward with strong & active faith,India.

    Farhan Akhtar: New chapter in Indian politics begins today. Here's hoping for 5 years of positive growth & development for India and all her people.

    Arjun Rampal: India's new life with this historical election win. A bright future for this nation and a brighter future for our children.   #Welcomemodi

    Asha Bhosle: Congratulations to the BJP and sincere best wishes to Shri Narendra Modiji our next Prime Minister. Jai Hind

    Finally a Prime Minister who speaks Hindi :-) Jai Hind

    Siddharth: spectacularly exciting first year ahead in store. We'll all get to figure stuff out together, no matter what our beliefs. For now, #tsunamo

    Preity Zinta: I'm Confident that India will prosper, be safe & develop like never before. History will mark this day in GOLD #Indiandreamshines :-) Ting!

    Anupam Kher: Achche Din Aa Gaye. Jai Ho.:)

    Arshad Warsi: Looking forward to seeing and living in the India all of us deserve. Great expectations from @narendramodi.

    Karan Johar: BJP....the first major Blockbuster of the year!!!! Huge opening and no sign of a Monday drop!!!

    Hema Malini: Modi wave is for real! BJP getting huge majority! Leading all over India!

    Madhur Bhandarkar: The wave has hit the shore! A young, sensible and vibrant India gives its verdict! Heartiest congratulations to Narendra Modi and his team.

    Chitrangda Singh: So today we stand MODI-FIED !!! :) now lets have it cominggg :) nation awaits ...

    Soha Ali Khan: Looking forward to the end of months of mud-slinging and sloganeering - time for actions to speak louder than words.

    Abhishek Kapoor: Politics of entitlement comes to an end.. Bharat mata ki jai

    Ranvir Shorey: Congratulations Narendra Modi, on a well deserved win. Looking forward to the "achche din".

    Vivek Oberoi: A new era dawns! People have voted unanimously for Narendra Modi's vision of a new India - united, progressive, inclusive, global and fearless!

    A great victory of the people of india! A victory of hope,progressive thinking &inclusive ideology over the dirty divisive politics of fear!

    Shekhar Kapur: So glad elections r over. Respite from politics of creating fear n divisions between Hindu n Muslim. Under guise of secularism. 

    Finally a stable Govt at centre in India not mired in coalition politics? If so, a huge opportunity for @narendramodi 2 deliver promises

    End of era of feudal politics. Dynastic politics. A new India. A new opportunity. A new future. Let' it not go waste @narendramodi congrats.

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