• Boman opens up on 'PK' controversy

    29th December 2014

    Though 'PK' has also got rave reviews for its novel story, performances and Rajkumar Hirani's direction, the religious heads of the society have taken an offence to the questions raised on the religious practices of various religions.

    However,Boman who plays a supporting role in the film came up with a statement against the controversy.

    "People may agree and may even disagree but then they have to respect it (the concept of 'pk') because we are also respecting their view," said Boman.

    Also, he is not deterred by the controversy as he believes that good work always stirs stories.

    "Ofcourse people will (protest and create controversy)...everybody will do. But it is so nice because everybody is having discussion about it and anything worth a debate is a good film," Boman said.

    He also cleared that Rajkumar's films will obviously make you think.

    "Rajkumar Hirani films will always have something to think about. You agree or disagree with the film or you like or dislike a film, that's a different thing but his films will atleast make you think. His films will make you re-assess your own values and re-evaluate yourselves saying 'may be he is right may be he is wrong but I am thinking' and that thought has to be respectful because he is respecting the audience," he added.

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