• Bumboo Movie Review

    29th March 2012

    Cast: Sanjay Mishra, Sharat Saxena, Sudhir Pandey, Kavin Dave

    Director: Jagdish Rajpurohit

    Ratings: 0.5/5

    Bumboo will do what it says it will do... Simply Bumboo. 

    By Priyanka Ketkar

    "Ye raha aapka phone, koi bhi jarurat ho toh phone uthaiye, button dabaiye aur baat kijiye... Phone matt uthaiye, button matt dabaiye, baat matt kijiye..." waiter Vincent tells this to Mangu bhai and you know you are in the right place (unfortunately). Bumboo, directed by Jagdish Rajpurohit, is a comedy, which is not even remotely funny yet, is a joke in itself.

    It is apparently a story of life 'coz in everyone's life there comes one person who is a panvati (unlucky). "Zindagi ka dusra naam hai Bumboo lagna..." is the moral of the story apparently.

    India's biggest con man Manu Gupta is arrested while he is in the loo (Delhi Belly-style). Now he decides that "mein sabki bumboo lagaoonga" (Pardon my language but these are the dialogues from the movie) so the goons he worked for conspire to kill him but it is the responsibility of the police to take him safely to the high court for his testimony. The police dress him up as a commando and re-paint the police logo on their police van, with a milk van's logo..."Kya Idea hai sirji..." (Funny? Should we laugh?) Back to the goons...The goons have hired India's biggest International sharpshooter to kill Manu. Mangal Singh is all set to kill Manu but it is not a good day for him. His hotel room neighbor is unfortunately a fat, boring, motor mouth Sudhakar urf Susu who is a press photographer come to cover the Manu Trial and shoot if there is any killing attempt. But Susu has his ex-wife Pinky on his mind.

    After this Mangu, Susu, Pinky, Dr. D'Souza who is Pinky's new boyfriend, Sultu bhai, a policeman, a parsi woman screaming unnecessary things on top of her voice and some "Kantaben" moments ensue. It also involves fart jokes, puke jokes, raunchy jokes, loud screaming instead of talking, crying unnecessarily and so on, to no effect. The acting is very natural considering all the actors had to act stupid and annoying.

    The dialogues are insanely ridiculous. "Pinky ye dekho mein tumhare liye top laya hoon..." Dr. D'Souza furiously throws the top out of the window and teasingly tells Susu, " Ye lo tumhara top ab bottom mein gaya..." I mean, really? These dialogues are supposed to make us laugh?

    Where Sniper gun works like a machine gun and the basic definition of the word "funny" is confused with "outrageously boring", much cannot be expected from such a movie, right?

    The movie looks like it is well shot but the content is absolutely senseless. The only good thing about the movie is the note on which it ends- "Agar aapko ye movie pasand nahi aayi ho toh bhi apne doston ko aane ko bolna kyunki ek Bumboo lagane ka haqq toh aapka bhi banta hai na...!" Should I tell you all to Go for it then? You decide!


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