• D-Day rumored to be banned in Pakistan

    19th July 2013
    With a powerful star-cast and a sensitive subject, Nikhil Advani's 'D-Day' has managed to generate a lot of interest from audiences across the nation. The latest one we hear, is that the film is banned in Pakistan.
    If rumors are to be believed, the content of the film might not receive a pleasant response from the audience in Pakistan, which can be one of the primary reasons for the film to not release in the neighboring country.  The film is on cross-border terrorism about a bunch of RAW agents assigned to bring 'India's most wanted' terrorist back from Pakistan.
    It was earlier reported that 'D-Day' has received a 'UA' certificate from the censor board. Surprisingly, no cuts were ordered in verbal content regarding Pakistan. 
    Says Nikhil Advani, "I expected some objection to what could be considered inflammatory dialogues about Pakistan. But the Censor Board has not touched a single word pertaining to Pakistan."
    The provocative dialogues pertaining to Pakistan can be one of the major reasons for the film may not release there. 
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